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World Oceans Day - Coloring Pages
~World Oceans Day, June 8th 2020~

On June 8th World Oceans Day, people around the planet will celebrate and honour the worlds oceans, which connect us all. Here at AquaTech, the ocean is a central part of our lives and is passionately enjoyed by the whole team. To bring awareness to the message of preservation and conservation, we wanted to include more ocean lovers than just those who may own a camera or water housing.

With this in mind, AquaTech staff member Taylor Love took his creative skills to photographs submitted by our global ambassador team. He has illustrated these to create some brilliant coloring in pages for young and old. We encourage you to download the files, print them out and get busy creating your own masterpiece!

Once you have finished adding your own splash of colour, be sure to share these via social media and tag in the original photographer (noted on the drawings) and @Aquatech_ImagingSolutions for your chance to be shared via our own platforms online.

We will be sharing some of our favourites over the coming week and are excited to see what you create. Let this simple act of coloring in be the perfect time to start the conversation about what everyone, young and old can do to preserve and protect our precious oceans around the globe.


Click on any of the images below to open the downloadable PDF file.