Swimming underwater cave shot by Eugene Tan

Mediterranean Magic with Eugene Tan

Eugene Tan captures the beauty of the Mediterranean with new Canon 5DSR and accompanying AquaTech Water Housing. Come see the magic for yourself.

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Surfer in a barrel by Leroy Bellet

Double or Nothing with Leroy Bellet

Young Australian photographer Leroy Bellet shares the story behind his “Double Tow” image series.

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Furious Water with Dave Sandford - AquaTech Imaging Solutions

Furious Water with Dave Sandford

You may have been lucky enough to see some of Dave Sandford’s images appear on your news feeds and social media pages of late. If so, there's no doubt you would have stopped and stared in awe at his amazing images. What you might not have known, is that these images were captured within a lake! We reached out to Dave to gain some insight into this body of work and his process for capturing these images.

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water photographer seb diaz

World Photography Day 2022 - Interview with Seb Diaz

Seb Diaz is the embodiment of the word “frother” (not the coffee utensil), so it was an easy choice to feature him this World Photography Day. Seb’s passion and devotion for water photography is both inspiring and infectious and you’ll find him most days with housing in hand chasing waves. We wanted to find out what it is that makes Seb tick and keeps him constantly on the lookout for that next session.

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