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water photographer seb diaz
World Photography Day 2022 - Interview with Seb Diaz

Seb Diaz is the embodiment of the word “frother” (not the coffee utensil), so it was an easy choice to feature him this World Photography Day. Seb’s passion and devotion for water photography is both inspiring and infectious and you’ll find him most days with housing in hand chasing waves. We wanted to find out what it is that makes Seb tick and keeps him constantly on the lookout for that next session.

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Capturing Whales and Turtles on Hasselblad Medium Format - Karim Iliya
Capturing Whales and Turtles on Hasselblad Medium Format - Karim Iliya

Freediver and 2018 Hasselblad Master Karim Iliya ventured underwater with the AquaTech REFLEX Water Housing for the Hasselblad X1D II 50C, capturing serene imagery of whales and turtles in their natural worlds around the French Polynesian island of Moorea and Maui, Hawaii

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john kincaid using underwater housing in bora bora
A travel photographer's life during Covid 19 - John Kincaid

For photographer John Kincaid living in the USA and running a gallery in French Polynesia usually requires a lot of travelling. Enter 2020 and a global pandemic and things get shaken up a little.... Read Johns story of what it's like to get back to travelling during Covid-19.

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