PD-85 Lens Port


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  • Optically correct moulded acrylic dome element
  • Machined from 8" hemisphere to allow low profile dome
  • Mechanically sealed, no adhesives used
  • Dome element replaceable

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    The AquaTech PD-85 Dome Port is used with Canon and other various super wide-angle fisheye lenses.  This 8" dome is ideal for underwater photography, split shots (above and below), and use with the various extensions for super wide angle zoom lenses.

    AquaTech Lens Ports feature a threaded system that is interchangeable with all Elite and Delphin model AquaTech Water Housings.  No tools are required to attach or remove the port. The Element is replaceable if damaged, replacement can only be done by an AquaTech service center.

    *Please note that this product will only work with the Base, Compac, Elite, Delphin, REFLEX, EDGE & EVO models.

    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EDGE SPORT HOUSING OWNERS. When using the PD-85 without an Extension Ring, access to the main electronic shutter button is limited. It is recommended to use the M3 Pistol Grip in this situation. Alternatively, using the PD-100 Dome Port may also be a suitable option. Please refer to our P Series Lens Port Reference Chart for compatibility.




    Dimensions (DxL): 207mm x 91mm 

    Weight: 1.21lbs (549g)

    Material:  Acrylic dome element, aluminium base

    Supports the following lenses:

    • Please refer to Lens Port Reference chart for the full list

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