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AxisGO 11/11PRO MAX /
XS Max/XR iPhone Water Housing Moment Black
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Download the AxisGo instruction manuals & guides.

  • Depth Rating - 33 feet / 10 meters
  • Construction - polycarbonate, aluminium, marine grade stainless steel, optically correct glass elements.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) - 5” x 8.75” x 1.75” // 127mm x 222mm X 45mm
  • Weight- 18 oz // 510 grams

  • AxisGO X Waterproof iPhone Housing with Standard Lens Port
  • Lens Cap
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • O-Ring Grease Tube
  • O-Ring Removal Tool
  • Instruction / Setup Card

AxisGO 11/11PRO MAX /
XS Max/XR iPhone Water Housing Moment Black

Designed and compatible with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max + iPhone XS Max / Xr. This product will ship with packaging showing the XS MAX/XR models only.
*The iPhone 11 Ultra-Wide lens is not compatible with this design. We suggest using our AxisGO Ultra Wide Angle MK II Lenses to achieve the same field of view.

AxisGO™ is the ultimate Smartphone Imaging System. Designed to protect your iPhone from the harshest weather conditions, while offering the freedom to safely capture those special moments underwater. Capture beautiful images and stunning video with ease, then share instantly with full touchscreen sensitivity. AxisGO allows image capture with the phone’s native camera app, plus access to all your favourite applications. Confidently shoot at depths down to 33 feet (10 meters) with the peace of mind knowing your iPhone is safe inside the AxisGO.

For iPhone 11 users, please follow the same setup instructions as the iPhone XR shown below.



Constructed from polycarbonate and aluminum materials that provide extraordinary impact resistance, strength, stiffness, and excellent UV stability. The result is a lightweight hardwearing product, designed to tackle even the toughest natural environments. A hard-coated polycarbonate membrane allows full touchscreen control and offers the highest level of protection. Make and receive calls with fantastic audio quality. Swipe, tap, pinch and zoom the touchscreen to control your phone as normal all whilst maintaining a rugged and shock resistant protective shield. The ergonomically designed grip for superior handling doubles as a single button locking mechanism for secure closure and easy opening. Top and bottom mounting points offer further mounting possibilities and the use of the AxisGO Pistol Grip.


Two volume controls are offered and built from marine grade stainless steel, these allow for image capture at depths of down 33 feet (10 meters). The AxisGO is designed to use an interchangeable lens port system which uses optically correct glass elements. Anti-reflective and hydrophobic coatings ensure the highest image quality. Designed to perfectly match the native camera lenses on your phone. Shoot photos and capture videos with ease using the rear-facing camera or front-facing camera. Wide angle and over/under dome ports are available separately.


The AxisGO is so much more than just a waterproof iPhone case. Designed to protect your phone from the harshest weather conditions, while offering the freedom to safely capture those special moments while maintaining control of your phone's screen and functions. Don't settle for second-rate and potentially unsafe phone cases; set yourself apart with the AxisGO. Stay connected and protected.


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