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Since 1998 AquaTech has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of professional photographic accessories.  We first began manufacturing our Sport Housings for professional photographers and cinematographers and mainly focused our products towards surfing and ocean sports.  Since then we have strived continuously to update our designs and materials to offer the best in lightweight and durable Sport Housings.

Today our Sport Housings are used in several different genres of photography such as advertising, surfing, sailing, documentary, ocean seascape art, fashion, fishing, Olympic water sports, and more. The introduction of our Sport Shield in 2001 helped us to expand our areas of focus into other fields of photography that exist outside of water, such as wildlife and outdoor sports.  Our developments have made it possible to capture images in extreme weather conditions.  Whether it be rain, snow, wind, or dust, the AquaTech Sport Shield products protect your valuable camera equipment from harsh environments. In 2009 we introduced our new Sensory Gloves and Soft Good lines of products. In 2017 we released the AxisGO range, designed for iPhone. Bringing everything we learned from our Sport Housings, we were able to offer a high-quality professional water housing system for the world most famous modern-day camera, the iPhone.

These products grew out of many discussions we have had with professional creatives all over the world.  AquaTech products can continuously found in the bags of professional photographers working in all areas of photography and cinematography and now finding their way into hands of anyone with access to a smartphone. Our products are designed to protect against the harshest environments while allowing for incredible images and stunning video to be captured.

At AquaTech we are sensitive to our customer’s demand for quick service and will always work with integrity to help you get the products you need to produce the images you desire.  Since many of us at AquaTech are photographers, we do our best to understand the specific needs of the industry and will work to meet your exact specifications.
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