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AxisGO Bluetooth® Pistol Grip
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AxisGO Bluetooth® Pistol Grip
compatible with all AxisGO models

AxisGO bluetooth pistol grip


 AxisGO gets better with Bluetooth®


The AxisGO Bluetooth® Pistol Grip adds superior control over your phone so you never miss a shot. We redesigned our Pistol Grip with a newly developed Bluetooth system, enabling us to provide better responsiveness and feedback through the new round shutter button. The improved ergonomics of the grip mean it is comfortable and feels secure in your hands.

This new grip will also allow use of the AxisGO Dome when using the grip on the AxisGO 11 Pro model which was previously not possible.

The AxisGO Bluetooth® Pistol Grip is simple to connect to your phone and has a battery life that will allow years of use before needing to be changed.

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What's In The Box

- AxisGO Bluetooth® Pistol grip (battery included)
- Instructions

*AxisGO Water Housing not included.