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Over-Under Kit
$525.00 6 week backorder In Stock

*Product currently on backorder with estimated shipping September 30th.

The AxisGO Over-Under Kit is designed for those who are looking for an all in one kit to allow the best possible image quality when looking to achieve images and videos showing above and below the surface or a "Split Shot" as it is often referred to. The Over/Under Kit is designed to offer handpicked accessories to allow for the best user experience and image quality while offering a discounted rate for purchasing as a bundle.

The Ultra Wide Angle Dome will offer a field of view that is much wider than the standard iPhone lens allowing more detail and content to be captured in every frame with a 6" optically correct dome element allowing for the water line to roll across and add a dramatic and unique look. The AxisGO Pistol Grip will allow for easy one-handed shooting, stabilization and the ability to capture unique angles and camera positions. The Dome Port cover will protect your UWA Dome port element from damage while not in use or on route to the water. The Novus Polish is a specially designed formula for use on Acrylic dome port element to help with maintaining a clean and clear appearance and also offering a solution for repairing small wear and tear.

*With the dual lens iPhone models, you will only be able to use the main standard lens of the iPhone when using the UWA dome, not the telephoto lens

Choose from two different AxisGO Water Housing colors:

  • Electric Blue 
  • Moment Black

The Over-Under Kit contains the following items:

  • AxisGO XS MAX / XR Designed for the iPhone XS MAX & XR
  • AxisGO Ultra Wide Angle Dome Port 6" MKII
  • AxisGO Pistol Grip Trigger
  • AxisGO Dome Port Cover
  • Novus Polish