EVO 1DX MKII Water Housing


The EVO 1DX mkII is designed to work with the Canon 1DXmkII.

A brand new design and manufacturing process delivers the latest in AquaTech water housings. Focusing on key areas of improvement when it came to weight, size and handling the EVO delivers a lightweight yet tough and strong design while offering superior ergonomics.

The new electronic shutter allows the user to feel a similar sensation of the cameras half-press shutter function, allowing the user to easily determine the half-press for focus and full press for shutter release. The housings polyurethane construction allows maximum strength from minimum weight while the controls combine stainless steel, aluminum and high strength plastics for durable, superior tactile feel and control. All aluminum parts have been anodized to provide maximum protection and product longevity.

The EVO Water Housing features our interchangeable P/PD Lens Port system, new black plate controls, self-locating backplate via stainless steel dowels for precision backplate alignment, rubber eyepiece externally for comfort plus reductions of stray light with an internal eyepiece cup to even more reduce stray light, AR coated glass eyepiece built into the backplate, improved zoom control and sensitivity, rubberized zoom and rear dial controls, quick release clips with a safety latch, a ¼ 20” tripod mounting point. The EVO ships with a standard side handle mounted to the left-hand side of the housing and a “palm stopper” grip mounted to the right-hand side. You can use the housing with or without these grip and swap positions as needed. The tools required are included with the EVO. An additional purchase of a second side handle is possible by contacting staff directly.

The two electronic shutter controls for effortless shooting in either portrait or landscape orientation. The new electronic shutter control combined with the all-new M3 Pistol Grip allows for half-press for focus and full press for shutter release shooting, just like using your camera on land. The EVO Water Housing is also able to be used with other accessories like flash housings, transmitter housings, mounting accessories, zoom gears, P/PD lens port series and protective accessories. An additional purchase of a lens port is required to correctly use this product if you do not already own a current P Series Lens Port.

*Product images may show additional accessories which are not included with EVO purchase.


  • Construction - Polyurethane body, Stainless steel controls as well as hard anodized aluminum.
  • Controls – AF-On, Record Start/Stop, Video / Stills switch, Q-Menu, Menu Multi-Controller left & right, Set Button, Zoom In, Playback, AF Point Selection, Rear Control Dial, * (star),  Dual Shutter Buttons
  • Dimensions -20.5cm(8”) Wide x 22cm(8.66”) High x 12cm(4.22”) Front to Back
  • Weight - 1.6 Kg (3.6lb) Housing Only
  • Depth Rating - 33 ft / 10 meters



  • EVO 1DXmkII Water Housing
  • Backplate with controls
  • Camera Plate
  • Instructions
  • Tool kit
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