Base II Housing Kit for Sony


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The Base II Housing Kit is the perfect option for those who are looking for an entry point to water photography and happy to let the camera automate the correct settings. This method affords you more time to focus on swimming into the correct position to nail your composition. The Base II Housing kit might also be a great choice if you happen to be working on a budget and need a simple and effective solution to allow aquatic images to be captured. The Base II Housing Kit comes standard with our P-65 Lens Port and new M3 Pistol Grip Trigger, so you are ready to jump straight into the water and start shooting.

The housings polyurethane construction allows maximum strength from minimum weight while the controls combine stainless steel, aluminum and high strength plastics for durable, superior tactile feel and control. All aluminum parts have been anodized to provide maximum protection and product longevity.

The Elite II Water Housings feature our interchangeable P/PD Lens Port system, quick release clips with a safety latch, ergonomic zoom control, a ¼ 20” tripod mounting point and two electronic shutter controls for effortless shooting in either portrait or landscape orientation. The new electronic shutter control combined with the all-new M3 Pistol Grip allows for half press for focus and full press for shutter release shooting, just like using your camera on land.

The new M3 Pistol Grip borrows styling and ergonomics from our hugely popular AxisGO Pistol Grip and allows tactile control and increased the responsiveness of the camera shutter functions. The M3 Pistol Grip connects via a newly developed mounting plate to engage with the advanced electronic shutter button found on the Base II Housings. This allows the real feel of the cameras half press shutter function, allowing the user to easily determine the half press for focus and full press for shutter release. All this in a lightweight, ergonomic and durable design.

The P-65 Lens Port will accommodate a large range of lenses with a maximum lens length of 63mm. Please see below for an example of lenses being used in the P-65. The Base II Housing can be used with any of our Current P/PD Series Lens Ports and zoom gears.

*The P-65 port cannot be exchanged at the time of purchase for other lens ports.


Construction - Polyurethane, Stainless Steel, Hard Anodized Aluminum, Delrin, Optical Grade Acrylic,

Dimensions -19.0cm(7.5) Wide x 17.1cm(6.75) High x 12.7cm(5) Front to Back

Weight - 2.1 Kg (4.6lb) Housing Only

Depth Rating - 33 ft / 10 meters

P-65 Lens Port Lens Options

  • Sony 35mm f/2.8
  • Sony 10-18mm f/4
  • Plus many more


  • Base II Housing with backplate
  • M3 Pistol grip
  • Camera Plate
  • P-65 Lens Port
  • Instructions

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