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AxisGO iPhone 11 Over Under Kit


    Compatible With 
    iPhone 11/ iPhone XR

    AxisGO iPhone 11 Over Under Kit

    for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR

    Our AxisGO bundles are the best way to buy all the AxisGO gear you need in one click! The AxisGO iPhone 11 Over Under Kit was put together for those who capture a lot of underwater images, or who want to capture the Over/Under style images where you see above and below the waters surface in the same image. Yes, it's possible to do that all from your phone! This kit also includes everything you need to look after your new gear with an AxisGo Dome Cover included as well as Novus Acrylic Polish to buff out any minor scratches you may get on the dome element. This kit will guarantee you endless enjoyment and push your iPhoneography to levels you never before thought possible.
    Note: There is no access to the sleep button when using the iPhone 11. A slight vignette appears when using the Ultra Wide Angle lens, we recommend zooming to 0.6x to avoid the vignette.

    The AxisGO iPhone 11 Over Under Kit Includes:


    1 x AxisGO 11 Pro Max Water Housing
    1 x AxisGO iPhone 11 Adapter Kit
    1 x AxisGO Pistol Grip
    1 x AxisGO Dome
    1 x Dome Cover
    1 x Novus Acrylic Polish
    1 x AxisGO Protective Case

    iphone 11 pro max water housing kit

    iPhone 11 - Ocean Blue
    iPhone 11 - Deep Black
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