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AxisGO Action Kit for iPhone 11/XR


Compatible With

iPhone 11/iPhone XR

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iPhone 11 - Ocean Blue
iPhone 11 - Deep Black
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AxisGO iPhone 11 Action Kit

for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR

Our AxisGO bundles are the best way to buy all the AxisGO gear you need in one click! The AxisGO iPhone 11 Action Kit is geared for those who want a kit ready for anything mother nature can dish up, but it's also a great all-in-one kit for maximising the user experience of the AxisGO system with the inclusion of the AxisGo Pistol Grip. So whether you're shooting surfing or just snorkelling with family and friends, the AxisGO Action Kit is the perfect kit to compliment your new AxisGo.
Note: There is no access to the sleep button when using the iPhone 11. A slight vignette appears when using the Ultra Wide Angle lens, we recommend zooming to 0.6x to avoid the vignette.

The AxisGO iPhone 11 Action Kit Includes:

1 x AxisGo 11 Pro Max Water Housing
1 x AxisGO iPhone 11 Adapter Kit
1 x AxisGO Pistol Grip
1 x AxisGO Sports Leash
1 x AxisGO Protective Case

iphone 11 pro water housing kit

iphone 11 pro water housing kit