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ATB-6300 for Sony A6300 Water Housing
Clearance Category-Second [Black]


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March 2020

Clearance Stock Sale

NOTE: This is a clearance product second and is in new condition with minor factory scratches.

Color: Black

Category: Second

Please read details on our demo and clearance products at the bottom of this page for further details.

The ATB-6300 Sony Water Housing is designed to work with the Sony A6300.

The housings polyurethane construction allows maximum strength with minimum weight while the controls combine stainless steel, aluminum and high strength plastics for durable, superior tactile feel and control. All aluminum parts have been anodized to provide maximum protection and product longevity. Featuring an interchangable port system offering a range of options to suit many lenses.

The ATB-6300 includes a pistol grip trigger kit and LP-5 standard lens port offering a turnkey solution for those looking to get into the water easily. A removable side handle is included in the kit and offers an alternative equipment setup fo rthis who wish to shoot without a pistol grip and use the manual shutter control.

the control layout offers fast reliable controls over keys camera settings like, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, playback, record, and picture profile.

The Water Housing features our interchangeable Port system, quick release clips with a safety latch, standard tripod mounting point and full camera control via back plate controls. The ATB-6300 is also able to be used with other accessories like the Sony Pistol grip trigger, flash housings, pocket wizards, and pole shutter releases.

This water housing uses the P Series Lens Port system. An additional purchase of a lens port is required to correctly use this product. If you do not already own a current P Series Lens Port you can view our full range of ports HERE or our Clearance Ports HERE.



Construction - Polyurethane body, Stainless steel controls as well as hard anodized aluminum with Acrylic

Controls – top dial, ISO, DISP, C2, Playback, Set & Manual Shutter Control

Dimensions -160mm x 170mm x 120mm (H,W,D)

Weight - 1.15 Kg (2.5lb) Housing + Pistol Grip Only

Depth Rating - 33 ft / 10 meters


  • ATB-6300 Water Housing
  • Camera Plate
  • Removable side handle
  • A6300 Cable release
  • Pistol Grip Trigger Kit
  • LP-5 Lens Port
  • Instructions
  • Tool kit

    IMPORTANT NOTES ON CLEARANCE STOCK: The products listed in our February/March 2020 Clearance Stock offering are considered open box items. All products have been inspected and cleaned and are in good working condition. The clearance stock is classified into 3 categories A, B or C and seconds. Category A stock is considered to be in very good condition. Category B stock is considered to be in good condition and Category C stock is in fair condition. Seconds are new housings but with some minor scratches or crazing. All open box housings are tuned up, water tank tested to 10 meters (33ft)  and cleaned to ensure the best quality possible before being boxed and shipped. Please refer to our rating guide below for more details about each product classification. You may also contact our Sales and Service staff if you have any questions regarding the availability of clearance stock. 

    Limited Warranty - All clearance stock items will have a limited warranty of 30 days from date of purchase and is considered to be a final sale. If you encounter any problems within the first 30 days it may be returned for inspection and repair free of charge excluding shipping and handling fees.

    Please hurry as our Clearance Stock generally sells out fast!

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