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8" Lens Port Care Kit


- Protect your new 8" Lens Port

- Compatible with all P-Series 8" Dome and Flat Ports

- Includes cover for front and rear port elements


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Protect your 8" Port with our 8" Lens Port Care Kit. Combining the Large Dome Port cover with a single Rear Lens Port Cap, this bundle kit offers complete protection for your 8" Dome or Flat Port and ensures you're ready to go for your next underwater photography shoot!

The AQUATECH Large Dome Port Cover is designed to protect 8" Dome and Flat Port elements from damage whilst the port is either on the housing or not in use. It is made from 4.5mm, High Stretch neoprene, with a tough, highly abrasion resistant nylon jersey, laminated inside and out. The neoprene cover neatly stretches over your valuable port and protects it from uninvited shocks and sharp objects.

The Rear Lens Port Cap fits snug over the rear threads of your P-Series Lens port, preventing any unwanted debris from entering the port and protecting the threads from any accidental knocks. These caps are made from a durable silicon and are easy to install and remove.

Covers can be cleaned and washed in cold soapy water, rinse and air dry.

The 8" Lens Port Care Kit includes:
1 x AQUATECH Large Dome Port Cover
1 x AQUATECH Rear Lens Port Cap

Supports the following Lens Ports:

  • PD-85
  • PD-100
  • PD-140
  • P-145
  • P-135