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Portraits of the Sea by Warren Keelan

Warren Keelan jumped into the water with an AquaTech housing for the first time 3 years ago. Looking to expand his landscape photography library, he never would have thought it would have taken him in this direction. Recent awards include two first places in the  International Photo Awards for Silver Helix (2013) & Sea Hawk (2012).

See more of Warren's work on his website and if you are ever in and around Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW, Australia be sure to drop in to say hello.

Night Marble wave photo by Warren KeelanFlash by Warren Keelan50mm by Warren KeelanAcid Trip by Warren KeelanBali Fish by Warren KeelanCrest by Warren KeelanCrystal Vista by Warren KeelanMystic Sunrise by Warren KeelanOcean Curve by Warren KeelanPortrait by Warren KeelanSea Hawk by Warren KeelanSilver Helix by Warren KeelanTigers Eye underwater shot by Warren KeelanWK_Zebra





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