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Introducing the EVO III Water Housing


So you've heard the news by now that Canon have announced the latest version of their flagship 1dx series. The Canon EOS-1D X  Mark III. Before the questions start rolling in to our customer support team, we thought we'd let you know that

YES, we will definitely be making a water housing for the new 1dx Mark III

and in fact, work is already underway to bring the latest and greatest addition of Canon cameras into our current water housing lineup. We actually had our go to guy in the tropics of French Polynesia on the case! So before we tell you a little bit more about what we have in stall for the 1dx Mark III, watch the video below to hear what AquaTech Ambassador and Red Bull Illume 2019 winner Ben Thouard has to say about the new 1dx Mark III after putting it through its paces in the waves of Teahupoo, Tahiti.




The 1dx Mark III is quick, very quick. 16fps through the viewfinder or 20fps in live view. With the 1000 shot buffer and the magic 1DX AF system you will not miss a shot with this camera. The standard ISO range of the 1DX Mark III has also been improved to span from 100-102,400 which should still give amazing image quality and fast shutter speeds even in the poorest lighting conditions. In layman's terms it's going to be a whiz-bang, kick ass surf and sports photography camera.

EVO III Water Housing Rear View


The 1dx Mark III boosts some rather impressive video specs to back up the performance you would expect out of the camera for stills photography. Building on the impressive features of its predecessor, the 1dx Mark III will capture 4k video at up to 60fps and Full HD up to 120fps with AF. It also boasts 12-bit 5.5k 60p Raw video capture internally at a bit rate of 2600Mbps, but you might find yourself swimming back to the boat a little too often given the enormous amount of memory required to record at this quality. Overall, the 1dx Mark III provides incredible video performance that rivals the best mirrorless cameras available today.

EVO III Water HousingEVO III Water Housing Rear View


Yep! The EVO III will be backwards compatible with the 1dx/1ds/1dxMk2 cameras as well as perfectly suited for the new 1dx3. The EVO III will replace the original EVO which is now discontinued as the EVO III will provide support for all the current 1dx cameras. Full shutter support will be offered in the EVO III with our new E2 Shutter Buttons and M3 Pistol Grip across the board for all models, where previously only the 1dx Mark II was compatible.


The EVO III is planned for release in early May, 2020. To stay informed on the latest news regarding the EVO III just enter your email address into the box below and hit subscribe. We'll keep in contact with the latest news and any pre-release promotions for the EVO III. We will only send you information related directly to this product and promise we won't spam you with unrelated products, topics or water skiing squirrels!

Huge thanks to Ben Thouard for his insights into the new 1D X Mark III. For more info on Ben you can follow his work on Instagram or via his Website.