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Nikon D5 camera options with AquaTech

With the new release from Nikon in the form of the D5 DSLR camera we have been busy testing and working out the correct options for our existing customers and new customers alike. The latest top of the line DSLR from Nikon will be a welcomed replacement for the amazing D4/D4s models which have been very popular with AquaTech users around the globe. Hosting some improved auto focus performance, 4K video, and highly documented higher ISO capabilities, this camera is sure to perform in the hands of professionals.

Nikon D5 camera front view

Nikon D5 Camera top down view

For those customers who own a Delphin D4 Water Housing, a conversion kit will allow the unit to be updated to accommodate the new Nikon D5. This will offer the same full control that was previously offered for their D4/d4s models. We will also be releasing a Delphin D5 Water Housing at the same time which will be a dedicated Nikon D5 camera option. Pricing and estimated availability is still yet to be announced, but you can register your interest in knowing first about this new product via sending us an email to contact@aquatech.net

Sound Blimp users who own the current Shadow D4 Sound Blimp for their D4/D4s cameras can rejoice in the fact the new D5 will fit into their blimps and the controls on the back of the blimp will align without any need for customization.

The Nikon D5 will use the AquaTech NEP-1 Eyepiece for those using our soft foam eyepieces and All Weather Shield equipment.

Nikon D5 camera back view