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Krystle  Wright
Krystle Wright

Calling the road worldwide home, Krystle Wright embraces the nomadic lifestyle as she pursues stories across the world with her camera in hand. As an artist must evolve, Krystle's career has expanded from an adventure photographer to include the skillset filmmaking and directing. The driving force behind Krystle's passion is the desire to be challenged and to also be educated through experience. Raised on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, it provided the perfect outdoor playground to develop a strong connection to the outdoors which influenced her to be multi-disciplined across many outdoor sports. Krystle will note that it is awfully strange to be writing her bio in the third person and would much rather be enjoying a fine drink beside a fire rather than staring into a glowing computer screen which can often feel like a strange vortex. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Krystle returns home to the Sunshine Coast, Australia to enjoy downtime in between adventures.

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